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Was ist ein Laufhaus


What is a Laufhaus?

OaseX is like a normal appartment house where girls have to pay a rent. The girls work in this flats self employed and independent and also make their own invoices.



Girls which rent a flat at OaseX must visit the doctor weekly. This will be controlled by the legislative organe and the police. Further there are some special restrictions in the OaseX for our girls. It is strictly forbidden to practice any services without condoms. This should be a protection for our girls an their guests.


Difference to a Nightclub

In contrast to a nightclub there is no bar in the OaseX, and guests have to go to the girls by them self. The girls are waiting in their rooms until the guest is ringing the bell, the door stays closed. If you are thirsty there are 2 vending machines on the floor.


The Prices:

The girls decide individually which services they offer. They make their prices on their own. There are only some minium serviceprices required, which have to be followed in order to avoid price dumping.


The "Laufen":

The visit starts with entering the house. Of course there is not any entrance fee. There are many posters on the floor walls which help you to make a decision before you ring the bell.


The Presence

On the ground- and the second floor there is a special videopanel which shows the presence oft the girls in their flats. Here you get further information.The video panel